Lab Notes for a Scientific Revolution (Physics)

Lab Notes, etc. in PDF Files

Lab Note 1: 

     From Lab Note 1, Part 1, a PDF version of my 1984 unpublished paper::

     An Extension of Reinich’s Already Unified Theory to Electromagnetic Sources, In a Simply-Connected Spacetime Topology

     From Lab Note 1, follow up Discussion:

     A 2007 Update of the 1984 Paper

     Lab Note 1, Part 2:  Einstein’s 1915 General Relativity Paper, §20: Maxwell’s Electromagnetic Field Equations for Free Space

Lab Note 2:

     Lab Note 2, Part 1:  Rest Mass as Geometry

     Lab Note 2, Part 2:  Gravitational and Inertial Mass, and Electrodynamics as Geometry, in 5-Dimensional Spacetime

     Lab Note 2, with parts 2 and 3: Gravitational and Electrodynamic Potentials, the Electro-Gravitational Lagrangian, and a Possible Approach to Quantum Gravitation

     Lab Note 2 Intermezzo: Change of View to a Spacelike Fifth Dimension, as the Geometric Foundation of Intrinsic Spin

     Lab Note 2 Progess Report: Draft Paper on Kaluza-Klein Theory and Lorentz Force Geodesics

     Lab Note 2 Term Paper: Kaluza-Klein Theory and Lorentz Force Geodesics . . . and the Maxwell Tensor

     Kaluza-Klein Theory, Lorentz Force Geodesics and the Maxwell Tensor with QED    

Lab Note 3:

     Lab Note 3, Part 1:  Yang Mills Theory, the Origin of Baryons and Confinement, and the Mass Gap

     From Lab Note 3, Part 2, a paper on Unification of Particle, Nuclear and Atomic Phenomonology:

     On The Natural Origin of Baryons, Short-Range Mesons, and QCD Confinement, from Maxwell’s Magnetic Equations for a Yang-Mills Field

Lab Note 4:

     From Lab Note 4, Part 1, a paper published in 1988:

     An Intriguing Left-Chiral Flavor Muliplet

     and also, a related excerpt from Volovik:

     Volovik Excerpt on Quark and Lepton Preonic Structure


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