Lab Notes for a Scientific Revolution (Physics)

November 12, 2016

A Geometrodynamic Foundation for Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics, in Four Spacetime Dimensions

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In 1915 Albert Einstein laid a geometrodynamic foundation for classical gravitational motion based upon least action principles.  For an entire century since, although many attempts have been made, we still do not have a comparable theory even of classical electrodynamics, much less quantum electrodynamics.

Since December 2015 I have been focused exclusively on solving that long-standing challenge, aside from diverting for the last few weeks to help mediate a Bell’s Theorem discussion on Retraction Watch at

The latest draft of my paper on geometrodynamic electrodynamics, both classical and quantum, which is substantially complete and ready for journal submission, is available at lorentz-force-geodesics-brief-4-2.  As I engage in a final review and revision of this paper prior to submission, I certainly welcome any comments you may have.  You may post them here, or email me privately at

Thanks, Jay


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